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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)



*Note that the button above is different from the button below*

*If you want to pay by credit card, please press the red checkout button*

*If you want to pay with PayPal, both buttons are OK*


Purchasing using PayMe


Please WhatsApp your ordering items(if you wish you can take a picture of your shopping cart),together with your email address and address to +852 94286477

Once we receive and confirm your order, we will send you a Total Payment amount and an invoice number.

Please then scan this QRcode to pay and MUST quote the invoice number within the message/reference area.

Once we receive your payment we will confirm via WhatsApp.

Membership policy:

  • Join our member
  • Get a 5% discount cashback for purchased orders over $800 (accumulative)
  • Get a 10% discount cashback for purchased orders over $1500 (accumulative)
For example: After accumulating a purchased amount of $800, your next order, let's say of $1000, then we will email you a code with a value of 1000 x 5% = $50 for your next purchase, while this $1000 will also count towards your purchased amount, therefore your next order will get a 10% discount cashback code.
  • The discount code is only valid for once, there's no ordering amount restriction for using the code.
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