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Natural handmade conditioner

Natural handmade conditioner

Products: Natural handmade hair care Su

Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade
Main ingredients: French Lavender Hydrosol. Radish root hair care enzymes. French lavender essential oil and other active ingredients
Efficacy : hair care. Smooth hair
Applicable skin: all hair
Applicable parts: head and hair
Shelf life : Please refer to packaging
Note : Please make a sensitive test before use, only for external use and avoid light treatment

Product details :
Natural handmade conditioner can soften the hair, reduce the dryness and frizziness of the hair after using the handmade shampoo, and increase the gloss of the hair and improve the hair quality.

After shampooing, press an appropriate amount of conditioner, apply the hair strands, and rinse off. It does not contain silicone and will not clog hair follicles.

I believe the majority of people, switch to manual washing hair soap is one of the test of patience, because hair needs a period of adjustment, interval silk hair always stuck stuck to "hear" to Moqi very dry astringent, when there will be no waiting Fa wire than sticky greasy, there will be a head Tuotuo unknown East West stick hair, very evil heart ...... although everyone has different hair, do not do the same extent, but bitterness can be said that in ge or less the same.

Although vinegar, water, lemon juice can help busy over this period of difficult to endure the day, not too many guests and friends because this was step one to trouble, and secondly, always feel that floated a front head Fa Acetic taste.

Large owner can say with certainty that the use of vinegar, water, lemon juice after the first Fa is absolutely will not have the unpleasant taste of acetic acid, but to understand the psychological impulse to break off the mouth a bit of time, so this array sub-study retreats are handmade hair care Su (no update is definitely not because stealing lazy).

After repeated tests (thanks very part of the guests and friends of the battle righteousness help busy, offer a valuable test with silk hair, so that the manual can be available to care for hair better posture), this natural handmade hair care factors in addition to after SHUNFA soft wire, the most important is the use of low Save soap astringent dry hair filaments, frizzy and other problems, and to increase hair luster, improved hair.

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