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Camellia whitening cleansing lotion

Camellia whitening cleansing lotion

Product name : Camellia whitening cleansing lotion.

Place of Origin/Import : Made in Hong Kong@aWitch Handmade

Main ingredients : Organic cold-pressed camellia oil. Sweet almond oil. Hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients

Efficacy : clean. Remove makeup. Whitening

Applicable skin type : all skin type

Applicable parts : face

Shelf life : please refer to packaging

Note : Handmade products are recommended to be used within 2 months after opening. For external use only, please do a sensitivity test before use.

Storage method : Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


No preservatives
Use 100% natural pure essential oils

How to use :
Press and evenly spread on the face, gently massage in circular motions to gently and effectively cleanse daily makeup, grease, dirt, etc. Make-up and cleansing can be done in one go. Specially added hyaluronic acid to make the skin soft and white after washing

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