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Sui Valley Merlot 2007

Sui Valley Merlot 2007

Place of Origin: Central Valley, California, USA

Grape variety: 2007

Ingredients: 100% Merlot

Alcohol: 13.5%

Color: dark purple

Fragrance: Pale violet aroma; with smoky smell

Taste: With delicious raspberry and prune flavors, and a touch of black pepper sweetness


Winemaker evaluation:

"Is Valley Red" Merlot red wine is produced in the Central Valley of California, USA. It is carefully brewed from Merlot grapes grown in a unique environment. Bright purple, the entrance is a little bit of violet aroma, and then feels a touch of intriguing smoke. The flavor is reminiscent of delicious raspberries and prunes. The faint black pepper flavour leaves the tip of the tongue and leaves a lot of sweetness. The oak flavor is evocative.

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