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Organic Calendula Moisturizing Emollient

Organic Calendula Moisturizing Emollient

Product: Organic Calendula moisturizing emollient (for eczema skin)

Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade

Main ingredients: organic marigolds (USDA organic certification) . Golden jojoba oil . Organic plant extracts. Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin E. French lavender essential oil. Geranium essential oil. Rosewood essential oil and other active ingredients

Efficacy : moisturizing. Moisturizing. For eczema

Applicable skin type: eczema muscle. Young muscles. Sensitive muscles. Dry skin. Neutral muscle

Applicable parts: body. Face

Shelf life : Please refer to packaging

Note : Hand-made products are recommended to be used within 2 months after opening. For external use only, please do a sensitivity test before use.

Storage method : Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


No preservatives

Use 100% natural pure essential oils


How to use :

It is non-medicinal and can be used for unlimited times. The effect is better after bathing. Spread evenly on the whole body and massage gently to enhance absorption .


Organic calendula effectively calms skin problems such as sensitive skin and eczema. Combined with a powerful moisturizing combination such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, it can fully supplement skin needs and reduce skin problems.



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