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Yuxiang strong stretch mark prevention cream

Yuxiang strong stretch mark prevention cream

Product: Pomelo Fragrant Strong Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade
Main ingredients: Cold-pressed Qiongya Begonia Oil. Cold-pressed rosehip oil. Nano hyaluronic acid. Sishengzhan and other active ingredients efficacy: prevent and reduce stretch marks. Cellulite Applicable Skin Type: All skin types Applicable parts: Whole body (belly, buttocks, thighs and other areas prone to stretch marks and cellulite)
Shelf life: Please refer to the packaging notes: Please make a sensitivity test before use, only for external use and avoid light treatment


feature of product

. Natural formula, suitable for pregnancy, postpartum and lactation.

. Use natural pure plant extracts and hyaluronic acid to enhance skin elasticity and prevent white lines caused by pulling and expansion.

. Natural ingredients, light fruity aroma, reduce pregnancy reactions such as morning sickness and nausea caused by strong smell.

. Naturally, it can be used with grapefruit firming and nourishing body cream.

. This product can be used to reduce postpartum stretch marks and orange peel.



1. At the beginning of pregnancy, apply an appropriate amount on the thighs and back buttocks to lift the skin to tighten the skin and prevent cellulite.

2. Use when the abdomen starts to bulge in the third trimester of pregnancy, once in the morning and evening, evenly spread on the belly and under the belly, gently massage in circular motions to help prevent stretch marks.


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