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Yuxiang Soothing Bath Salt

Yuxiang Soothing Bath Salt

Product : Yuxiang Soothing Bath Salt

Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade

Main ingredients: Organic peel. Natural bath salt. Natural grapefruit extract

Purpose : relieve foot swelling . Warm up and sleep

Applicable object: Adult

Remarks: suitable for pregnant women

Shelf life : Please refer to packaging

Note : Please make a sensitivity test before use, only for external use and avoid light treatment


aWitch Handmade Pregnant Mom Pomelo Fragrant Care Series

Due to the effects of hormonal changes during pregnancy, the skin will be prone to dryness and dehydration, causing itching and sensitivity, as well as unusually sensitive taste and smell. In addition to caring for the mother’s delicate and fragile skin due to body changes, the pregnant mother's grapefruit scented care series has a light fresh fruity scent derived from natural plant extracts and natural ingredients. After washing, the skin and hair will not leave an odor, reducing the strong Pregnancy reactions such as morning sickness and nausea caused by smell.



❤️Natural formula, suitable for use during pregnancy, postpartum and lactation.

❤️It is made of natural plant extracts to reduce pregnancy reactions such as morning sickness and nausea caused by strong smell.

❤️ Does not contain SLS, SLES or silicon zero ingredients, please rest assured to use.

❤️Specially adjusted formula , suitable for any hair and skin types.


Product details :

Add organic peel and organic vegetable oil to soak your feet, scrub your feet, relax your mood, relieve swollen feet during pregnancy, warm your body and help you sleep.


How to use :

The water temperature is 40-50 degrees, and the amount is about 20-30g (about 1 tablespoon). You can first put the bath salt on the skin and massage it in circular motions for scrub, cover a dry towel to steam your feet, and wait until the water temperature drops to suitable foot bath for about 20 minutes, wipe with a dry cloth, can relieve foot edema caused Huairou relief, promote blood circulation, warm sleep aids.

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