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Mild and hypoallergenic softener
  • Mild and hypoallergenic softener

    Product : Mild and hypoallergenic softener

    Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade

    Main ingredients: natural cold pressed orange oil. Compound antibacterial formula

    Purpose : Clean clothes. Antibacterial

    Applicable objects: adults. Baby clothes

    Dosage: 50 liters of water each time about 1 bottle cap (about 20-40ml)

    Shelf life : Please refer to packaging

    Note : Handmade products are recommended to be used within 2 months after opening. For external use only, please do a sensitivity test before use.
    Storage method : Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

    No preservatives

    Free of chemical flavors and fragrances


    Product details :

    Specially adjusted mild and hypoallergenic formula, natural ingredients, fresh and fruity scent comes from natural cold-pressed orange oil, no preservatives, no added fragrances, fragrances, suitable for newborn babies and young children with delicate and sensitive skin, soft clothes without strong odor , More effective antibacterial. The waste water produced after use can be decomposed by organisms and does not cause a burden on the environment.


    Each time 50 liters of water is about 1 bottle cap (about 20-40ml).


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