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Eco-friendly laundry detergent

Eco-friendly laundry detergent

Product : Eco-friendly laundry detergent

Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade

Main ingredients: natural cold pressed orange oil. Organic coconut oil foams. Compound antibacterial formula

Purpose : Clean clothes. Antibacterial

Applicable objects: adults. Baby clothes

Dosage: 50 liters of water each time about 1 bottle cap (about 20-40ml)

Shelf life : Please refer to packaging

Note : Handmade products are recommended to be used within 2 months after opening. For external use only, please do a sensitivity test before use.
Storage method : Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.



No preservatives

Free of chemical flavors and fragrances

How to use :

This environmentally friendly laundry detergent has natural ingredients, and its fresh aroma comes from natural cold-pressed orange oil. It does not add spices or essences. It cleans clothes and is antibacterial and antistatic. It can be biodegraded and does not cause additional burden on the environment .



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