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Angelica Polygoni Multiflora Hair Soap

Angelica Polygoni Multiflora Hair Soap

Angelica Polygoni Multiflora Health Hair Soap can build hair and black hair. It can be used with brown sugar and ginger soap to help hair loss and hair loss recover as soon as possible after childbirth.


Product: Angelica Polygoni Multiflora Soap

Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade

Main ingredients: Angelica multiflorum soaked in extra-virgin olive oil. Cold-pressed argan oil. Avocado oil. Angelica powder. Polygonum multiflorum powder

Efficacy: Deep cleansing. Jianfa. Ufa

Applicable skin: sensitive. dry. neutral. Oil head

Applicable parts: hair

Applicable object: Adult

Shelf life: 18-24 months, please refer to the packaging

Note: Please make a sensitivity test before use, only for external use and avoid light treatment



❤️No preservatives

❤️Use 100% natural pure essential oils

Unpack the vacuum package and put it into the included light soft soap foaming bag to wash wet hair and use it directly. Please make sure that the hair roots can be more and more foamed. After washing with water, add water and knead until foaming. After using the handmade soap, rinse and hang to dry.


Product Details :

Angelica can revitalize skin and moisturize. Polygonum multiflorum has the effect of strengthening hair. With cold-pressed argan oil, it can regulate the scalp and hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, and make the hair black and shiny. It can be used with natural handmade conditioner to enhance its effectiveness.

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