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Diffuser Bottle: Ginger Lily
  • Diffuser Bottle: Ginger Lily

    Product : Diffuser Bottle: Ginger Lily

    Origin/Import: Made in Hong Kong @aWitch Handmade

    Main ingredients: Natural source diffused base. Compound aromatherapy

    Purpose : indoor incense

    Remarks: /

    Shelf life : Please refer to packaging

    Note : For external use only and avoid light treatment




    ❤️Natural source, no alcohol

    ❤️Fresh fragrance


    Product details :

    Natural source diffused base (non-alcoholic), compound fresh floral fragrance, use time about 2 months.


    How to use :

    Dip one end of the diffuser in the kit with a diffuser, and then change the other end to make the flavor more volatile.


      HK$228.00 Regular Price
      HK$168.00Sale Price
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