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Caviar combination

Caviar combination

Fulet Classic Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

Origin: Italy, Piedmont

Grape varieties: selected white grapes

Alcohol: 11%

Color: grass yellow

Fragrance: Full of peach fruit and floral fragrance

Taste: strong fruity aroma, fresh aroma


Winemaker evaluation:

The grass-yellow liquor is full of fruity and floral aromas of peaches; with a taste, the mouth reverberates with a strong fruity aroma and fresh aroma, which is unforgettable.


Caviar-le comptoir du caviar

Origin: France

Caviar size: medium

Color: black/gold

Texture: solid/melting

Taste: unique, clean and neat, slightly sweet, crisp, clear grain


    HK$1,010.00 Regular Price
    HK$899.00Sale Price
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